About Bank On Indiana

Mission: “Bank On Indiana provides unbanked Hoosiers an opportunity to open and maintain safe, affordable checking accounts.”

Bank On Indiana was launched in 2009, spearheaded by Office of the Treasurer of Indiana, as an umbrella organization to offer technical assistance to local Bank On programs throughout the Hoosier state. Bank On Indiana is modeled after the growing Bank On Cities program, initiated in San Francisco in 2006.

The premise is to bring the unbanked into safe, secure financial institution environments. Currently some 216,000 Hoosier households are unbanked, with each spending roughly $1,100 annually in check-cashing expenses. Bank On Indiana strives to bring the unbanked into the security of Indiana’s 2,500+ bank and credit union locations.

Bank On Indiana is guided by the following steering committee organizations:

Office of the Treasurer of Indiana
Indiana Association of United Ways
Indiana Bankers Association
Indiana Credit Union League
Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority
Old National Bank, Evansville
Prosperity Indiana
Office of the Indiana Secretary of State